MoniQue Hoffman - Health & Life Insurance Broker / Serial Entrepreneur

This interview was recorded on 3/2/20 right before the lockdown from the virus. We didn't know how relevant this whole conversation would become just days later.

Times are tough for businesses, business owners, professionals, and families. However, now is not the time to drop everything and let the wave carry it away. Some are waiting for something to happen or for the government to come to their rescue. The reality is that it's not too late to suit-up and protect ourselves and our families from financial stress and heartache.

Are you ready to potentially spend $75,000/person to start for this? What if the right decision protected you from having to pay a large bill? Control what you can, and prepare for what you can't. Find some peace-of-mind in having an Insurance Broker who will have your back through these tough times and beyond. Once you have someone looking out for you, you can focus on who and what is most important right now.

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