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This week we talk with Stacey Kalamaras, Intellectual property / Trademark Attorney.

Living many lives and learning the ropes over time, Stacey now works to teach new lawyers to handle clients that have business issues with branding or trademark issues.

Working in the advertising realm in her early years gave her insight into the way brands are made and managed.

Through her years of experience and the desire to learn and grow, Stacey has developed a strong instinct for the needs of business owners that have ideas and concepts that need representation or advice on intellectual or trademark law.

Here are just a few topics that we cover in this one:

Patent trolls, counterfeit goods, and how that affects you.

How to comply with a scary letter.

How to navigate and protect your brand.

How does a business choose a name?

How to register a trademark and the confusion behind it.

Are you safe from trademark claims?

How do you protect yourself from lawsuits?

When is it right for you to trademark your brand?

See how Stacey can help your brand, its free to call.


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